"Vikas Kathe" – Development story of Haliyal

Around two hundred children attending CherYsh Shikshana Vikas Kendras (Learning Centres), many of them accompanied by their mothers came together at Bukkinkoppa on 8th October, 2014 to celebrate the story of their development. The children, many of them belonging to the Siddhi community put together beautiful performances of dance and songs making full use of the opportunity that they got to showcase their talents.  The  programme was attended by CherYsh Board members, major players in the locality such as the Tehsildar, the District Forest Officer, the Bishop of Karwar who is the leader of the Karwar Diocesan Development council, which is CherYsh’s implementation partner in Haliyal, leadership of hotel Gateway Lakeside who support CherYsh  with training and livelihood skills, the teachers/ facilitators of CherYsh  Shikshana vikas Kendras(Learning Centres), CherYsh volunteers along with team members of CherYsh and KDDC .

The programme provided a great opportunity for the participants to engage and interact with each other. The children who attend CherYsh  Shikshana Vikas Kendras(Learning Centres) and  their mothers shared in vivid terms how these learning centres have helped them to overcome their challenges with learning. They expressed a lot of optimism that the children will be able to achieve greater heights through the input that they receive through the CherYsh Shikshana vikas Kendras (Learning Centres), especially in functional skills in English Language and Computer. The teachers shared their experiences and hopes both from the angle of children and themselves as evolving persons.

The board members and other stakeholders expressed great appreciation for the progress achieved and the enthusiasm that they witnessed. They also promised all support for CherYsh ventures and projects in future.

The programme was spiced up with performance of traditional art forms from the Siddhi community. Tree saplings were planted in the premises of the Bukkinkoppa School as a part of the programme. CherYsh Board members, team members and Children who attend CherYsh Shikshana vikas Kendras (Learning Centres) took part in it. The tree planting was supported by the District Forest Officer and staff from the Forest Department.

There was a community meal after the Vikas Kathe Programme which was prepared from the CherYsh Community Kitchen and relished by everyone who attended the programme.