SaLT (Serve and Lead Trainings) Trainings II & III

The SaLT training sessions are conducted for the women who run the Community Kitchens in the villages of Haliyal. The sessions cover topics such as personal and cooking hygiene, nutrition, local recipes, and efficient cooking methods. The sessions are supported by Hotel Gateway- Lakeside (Part of Taj group, which is one of the leading international hotel chains) and Akshaya Patra (a leading NGO which supplies mid- day meal to school children and has the largest Community kitchen Asia). In July, 35 women received the first SaLT training during an exposure visit to Akshaya Patra’s kitchen in Hubli, the world’s largest community kitchen and Hotel Gateway-Lakeside at Hubli.

SaLT Training –II Conduced at Sambrani-Bukkinkoppa on 22nd August, 2014

The team from Hotel Gateway Lakeside visited the Community Kitchen in Bukkinkoppa – Sambrani to conduct the second session of SaLT. The Human Resource Manager of Gateway Lakeside Hubli, Mr. Deepak Narayan, anchored the session aided by the chefs from Taj -Mr. Radhakrishna and Mr. Basavaraj. The women were taught to prepare seven different types of nutritious snacks which will be made and supplied to the children who attend the SVKs. The scope of producing these snacks as a commercial enterprise by the Kitchens, was also discussed. The women were encouraged to explore the activity from an income generation perspective and develop a plan around it. The idea was well received by the women.

SaLT Training –III Conduced at Sambrani-Bukkinkoppa on 17th September, 2014

The third training in the SaLT series was conducted on 17 September 2014 at Bukkinkoppa- Sambrani in Haliyal as a followup to the previous session. The women had prepared samples of snacks that were taught at the previous session. After testing the samples, the chef advised the women on improvisations to enhance the taste and nutritional value of the snacks. The community kitchen members had also prepared traditional and perishable snacks. The Gateway team tasted the snacks and suggested on methods of improvisation.

Terracotta training for the women of Haliyal

A two–day workshop was conducted to train the women in making terracotta beads which is used in producing terracotta jewellery. Ms. Poornima Prasad, an independent entrepreneur, conducted the workshop in July 2014. The workshop was attended by 40 women, who expressed interest. Ms. Prasad will buy back the beads from the women to use them for her jewellery making unit in Jakkur in Bangalore. She will continue to train the women till they achieve expertise and can independently produce jewellery sets. The venture offers women an alternative livelihood option and the opportunity to supplement their income.