New Shikshas

CherYsh launched five new Shikshas in three villages of Haliyal in the second quarter of 2015. Two new Shikshas each became operational in Jogunkoppa and Ammunkoppa and one in Golehalli. There are 150 children in the five CherYsh Shikshas. Three new Shikshas have been launched in the third quarter, two in Mundwad and one in Hosur. Five of the eight Learning Facilitators have completed five train-the-trainer sessions and have demonstrated a 70% increase in confidence while delivering content. Three Facilitators from the newer Shikshas will begin their train-the-trainer program shortly. The children in all Shikshas receive a nutritional evening snack.

CherYsh libraries

The CherYsh Shiksha Library program was started with a set of 200 illustrated books. Books will continue to be added to the CherYsh master library and distributed to all the Shikshas to begin their own libraries. The children are excited with the new addition!

CherYsh Day

On October 28, children in Jogunkoppa celebrated CherYsh Day. Children from all Shikshas came together for a day of exhibiting and celebrating talent. The event, open to the community, was welcomed with enthusiasm and pride by parents, schools and the local administration.

Meet the Parents

In Oct 2015, a Parents’ meeting was held in three villages to discuss the progress of children and solicit feedback from parents. Parents who attended were very appreciative of their wards’ progress and interest in academics. The CherYsh Shikshas received positive encouragement from parents.

Continuous capability building

CherYsh is focusing on capability building for the Learning Facilitators by providing several different learning avenues and mediums. The Facilitators undergo a monthly train-the-trainer program. In addition, CherYsh’s RITE (Rural Education through Innovation) program has involved students from BVB College of Engineering, Hubballi, to build capacity in Facilitators and students; 24 students and three faculty members visited the five CherYsh Shikshas and interacted with the students and Facilitators towards capability building. The Facilitators have also been enrolled in a Phone-in-Mentor program to increase their exposure to spoken English. The Phone-in-Mentor prepares the Facilitator to effectively teach her lessons each day. The program also offers the Facilitator an opportunity to hone her English speaking skills.

CherYsh New Field Office, Haliyal - making rural empowerment a reality

CherYsh field engagement has gained new momentum with the launch of a CherYsh Field Office in Haliyal. CherYsh team and Board members were present at the inauguration of this new milestone in CherYsh’s journey to Educate. Prepare. Secure the lives of rural girls. The office comprises a training room as well is preparing to set up a CherYsh Shiksha and CherYsh Community Kitchen.

CherYsh Shiksha Centres – a new step in Mission Rural Girl

CherYsh is proud to announce the launch of three new CherYsh Shikshas in village homes in Haliyal Taluk. CherYsh Shikshas aim to provide increased access to knowledge, skill and tools that add to the quality of education for rural children from ages 5-12. Teaching modules in English and Maths would be provided and teachers from within the community are being trained to impart lessons by applying those modules. 152 children have enrolled so far.

English Tuition classes begin at CherYsh Shiksha

On the 1st of July, 2015, in village homes in Amunkoppa, Jogunkoppa and Golehalli, CherYsh Shiksha began the first tuition classes in English. 152 students of age group 5-12 have enrolled for these classes. Featured here is Cherysh Shiksha ‘learning facilitator’ Reka delivering English lessons in Jogunkoppa.


RITE – Rural Innovation Through Education

CherYsh has partnered with BVB College of Engineering and Technology, Hubli, to build capacity in the Learning Facilitators at the Shikshana Vikas Kendras (SVKs) and help children improve their competencies. Students from the BVB Colleger are involved in a structured engagement program at the Shikshana Vikas Kendras to help CherYsh achieve its goal of capacity development.

Volunteers and faculty members from BVB College, visited the SVKs on 24 January 2015. They interacted with local school children, teachers, the Learning Facilitators to get a better understanding of the communities they will work with. The volunteers will support the Learning Facilitators, through a structured continuous teaching programme which will be anchored by CherYsh Volunteer, Maria Sans Ibars.


Shikshana Vikas Kendras, Haliyal

The learning centres have enabled children to utilise their evenings more usefully, and this has won them the appreciation of their parents.

Incremental changes are being recorded, as children now are more regular in school, and attendance figures have improved. Forty per cent of the children attending after-school classes are today scoring grades ( A), and the project team is working to improve the grades of the rest of the group to move beyond the levels ( B, C).

ShikshanaVikasKendras have served to reduce school dropout rates by targeting reasons, such as the inability to afford books and uniforms, lack of adequate coaching, ill health due to poor nutrition With every step taken our goal of making the Kendras a fun yet structured learning environment within the neighbourhood is being realized.

55 children know to speak, write and read in English. This group effectively provided peer support to get other children to learn.

200 children have successfully picked up skills in technology, and can manage to carry out tasks on the computer provided at the centre.

Several children took the stage for the first time, and enjoyed the limelight as they won awards for special talent in art, craft, sport, dance and drama.

Teachers are regularly supported by the recently launched RITE mentorship programme.

Health care Assistant Course, Ponda

CherYsh launched the Health Care Assistant Course in partnership with Sanjeevan in 2013, a two-year higher secondary vocational course under the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Povorim. The first batch of 19 girls completed their first year in 2014. A new batch of 27 students have enrolled for course. The curriculum is improvised and updated regularly to ensure students get professional orientation through internships in hospitals. Efforts are on to include a component of community engagement mandatory in the curriculum. There are significant job opportunities in the sector with new hospitals, nursing homes and old age homes, raising the demand for nurses in the area. Students completed their internship at the Government Hospital at Tisk- Ponda.

During the training period, Dr. Nutan Dev and senior nurses of the hospital conducted a workshop for our students on community awareness about vaccination, population control, sanitation. The Chief Minister of Goa Shree ManoharParrikar along with the Chairperson of Ponda Municipal Council Mrs. RadhikaNaik and the Councilor Sunil Desai visited Sanjeevan. The Chief Minister was satisfied with the infrastructure, laboratory and the academic progress of the students. He promised to explore the idea of reserving a few seats for the students passing out of this course, for admission into the Diploma course at Goa Medical College. He said that the prospects of absorbing the students in government hospitals in Goa, were promising.