Vocational Assets Skills Training (VAST)

CherYsh conducted its introductory session on Vocational Assets Skills Training (VAST) at the Government First Grade College, Haliyal. Cheryl Rebello, CEO, addressed over 400 college girls, showing them the VAST potential in professional skills in the region. Data was gathered from 300 students on preferred location for jobs and vocational courses. The VAST agenda will be driven by this database.

CherYsh Community Kitchens

The peanut laddoos that the CherYsh Community Kitchen delivers to the Shikshas has found a steady fan following with our students! Our students are not the only admirers of our women’s culinary talent. EID Parry in Haliyal and Taj - Gateway Lakeside have delighted in the Kitchens’ delicacies as well : orders have been placed for 60 kg of food products from local industry as well as Taj – Gateway Lakeside.

SaLT (Serve and Lead Training) sessions

Two SaLT sessions have been conducted over two months by the Taj – Gateway Lakeside hotel chefs and Akshaya Patra for the women of the CherYsh Community Kitchens. The sessions are a platform for sharing culinary knowledge and skills, hygiene and business tips. The sessions are very popular with the women of the CherYsh Community Kitchens who are mastering the skills they need to run a kitchen with high standards of professionalism and hygiene.

Community Kitchens, Haliyal

The community kitchens which will provide nutrition and livelihoods for children and women in two villages, is a priority project for CherYsh. The Samudaaya Adige Kone provides a nutritious snack to the CherYsh Learning Centers in these villages.Women have been trained to prepare nutritious food, hygienic ways of cooking and delivery, and ways to manage this enterprise. Fuel-efficient cookstoves are used in the kitchens. The women are now aware of the benefits of using these stoves. Efforts are on to encourage more rural women to move to fuel-efficient stoves in their homes. The CherYsh-KDCC-Roviralta Kitchens in Haliyal have grown both in scope and activity in a short span of three months. Over 200 children have been supplied nutritious snacks by the Bukinkoppa Community Kitchen. The women have demonstrated the ability to manage the enterprise and make it an income generating activity.The project also involves a census mapping activity of the Siddi families as well as other rural communities.

In order to support the kitchens with a strong ecosystem,CherYsh has invested in sustained advocacy with leaders in hospitality and community kitchens, Taj Hotel – Gateway Lakeside and Akshaya Patra. The institutions trained the women of the Samudaaya Adige Kone in hygiene and cooking best practices that will help them to expand their market. CherYsh is in discussion with Akshaya Patra, Asia's largest community kitchen,to consider a decentralised kitchen in Haliyal that will supplement the mid-day meal program.

In addition, the Murugappa Group (which runs a large sugarcane processing plant in Haliyal) has invited the women of the two CherYsh-KDDC-Roviralta kitchens, to visit the plant's canteen facility. The visit will expose the women to hygienic cooking and marketing best practices. Establishing these practices is a priority before increasing the number of CherYsh-KDDC-Roviralta kitchens. With this goal in mind, training sessions called SaLT (Serve and Lead Training) have been launched by CherYsh-KDDC to offer professional training support to the women of the two community kitchens. CherYsh-KDDC will also focus on strengthening infrastructure and market-linkages for the two kitchens. A third kitchen will be planned for the last quarter.