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Rural Innovation Through Education - An exciting beginning

The Rural Innovation Through Education (RITE) programme had a bright and exciting beginning, with a group of 26 students and four faculty members visiting the villages of Haliyal and getting first-hand exposure to the rural reality, challenges and opportunities with regard to education.


CherYsh Participated in EY NGO event

CherYsh participated in the "NGO mela" organized by EY (formerly Ernst & Young) at the firm's premises in April. In a major boost to the first time women entrepreneurs of our communities in Haliyal and Ponda, the CherYsh stall made an encouraging debut at its maiden corporate market.


Workshop on project governance conducted by Deloitte

The CherYsh team and its partners sat through an insightful workshop conducted by Deloitte on project governance. Read more about the workshop and its impact.


CherYsh Board Meeting

The CherYsh Board will meet on 8th and 9th of May. Over the two days Board members and CherYsh team will review project progress, and approve plans, strategies and budgets.


First batch from CherYsh Institute of Women Empowerment

The first batch of women enrolled in the Healthcare Assistant course conducted by the CherYsh Institute of Women's Empowerment at Ponda in collaboration with the Goa Education Department, have successfully completed their first year.


Learning Advancement Centres make progress

Our Shikshana Vikas Kendras have become a beehive of activity and promise. The SVKs continue to generate interest within the village communities with demands for more "tuition classes" from neighbouring villages. Read more about what's happening at the CherYsh Learning Centers


Team additions at CherYsh!

We have added two new members to the CherYsh team.


Kaundhi Mela, Haliyal, Karwar, Karnataka

In February 2013, women from 8 villages in Haliyal showcased a range of products that they created with the traditional skills of Kaundhi work. The Kaundhi Mela in Haliyal was not only hugely successful but was a great confidence booster for


Launch of Sakala Sakhi in Haliyal Taluka - Coverage up to village level!

The yearlong advocacy by CherYsh toDepartment of Personnel and Administrative Reforms, Govt. of Karnataka, for Sakala services to rural poor women resulted in announcement of "SakalaSakhi".The goal is to deliver Women and Child Development schemes speedilyin Haliyal, through the Sakala programme. Thisgot off to a start on 25 January, and was announced by Hon. Minister for Higher Education & Tourism, Shri. R.V. Deshpande in Haliyal.


Mylottu and Vijaydka, Mangalore, Karnataka

Mylottu and Vijaydka are remote Mangalore villages that turn lush green during the coastal monsoons. Trekking through mud roads to a government school, over 100 women from the villages have declared their determination to be financially independent


Haliyal gets its first Women's Community Kitchen

Over 250 women from the villages of Haliyal gathered to launch the first Women's Community Kitchen. CherYsh Trust and Karwar Diocesan Development Council (KDDC) have initiated this project, funded by theRoviralta Foundation. Also present at the event were local opinion-leaders, and government officers from the Town.


Launch of Serve and Lead (SaLT) trainings for the women who run CherYsh Community Kitchens in Haliyal:

A series of trainings by name SaLT (Serve and Lead Trainings), was launched by CherYsh on 17th July, 2014. The trainings are supported by Hotel Gateway- Lakeside (Part of Taj group, which is one of the leading international hotel chains) and Akshayapatra (a leading NGO which supplies mid- day meal to school children and has the largest Community kitchen Asia). 35 women from Haliyal, who belong to most vulnerable background and supported by CherYsh through CherYsh Community Kitchens and Shikshana Vikas Kendras (Learning Centres) were taken on an exposure visit to Akshayapatra and Hotel Taj- Gateway at Hubli. They were trained on various aspects of hygienic and nutrition efficient cooking by the experts. Read more at:


SaLT (Serve and Lead Trainings) Trainings II & III

The SaLT training sessions are conducted for the women who run the Community Kitchens in the villages of Haliyal. The sessions cover topics such as personal and cooking hygiene, nutrition, local recipes, and efficient cooking methods. The sessions are supported by Hotel Gateway- Lakeside (Part of Taj group, which is one of the leading international hotel chains) and Akshaya Patra (a leading NGO which supplies mid- day meal to school children and has the largest Community kitchen Asia). In July, 35 women received the first SaLT training during an exposure visit to Akshaya Patra’s kitchen in Hubli, the world’s largest community kitchen and Hotel Gateway-Lakeside at Hubli.

SaLT Training –II Conduced at Sambrani-Bukkinkoppa on 22nd August, 2014

The team from Hotel Gateway Lakeside visited the Community Kitchen in Bukkinkoppa – Sambrani to conduct the second session of SaLT. The Human Resource Manager of Gateway Lakeside Hubli, Mr. Deepak Narayan, anchored the session aided by the chefs from Taj -Mr. Radhakrishna and Mr. Basavaraj. The women were taught to prepare seven different types of nutritious snacks which will be made and supplied to the children who attend the SVKs. The scope of producing these snacks as a commercial enterprise by the Kitchens, was also discussed. The women were encouraged to explore the activity from an income generation perspective and develop a plan around it. The idea was well received by the women.

SaLT Training –III Conduced at Sambrani-Bukkinkoppa on 17th September, 2014

The third training in the SaLT series was conducted on 17 September 2014 at Bukkinkoppa- Sambrani in Haliyal as a followup to the previous session. The women had prepared samples of snacks that were taught at the previous session. After testing the samples, the chef advised the women on improvisations to enhance the taste and nutritional value of the snacks. The community kitchen members had also prepared traditional and perishable snacks. The Gateway team tasted the snacks and suggested on methods of improvisation.

Board meeting and Board visit to CherYsh project sites

The CherYsh Board members, Arun Vora, Richard Saldanha and Fr. Harold Vaz visited the CherYsh project sites in October 2014. They held meetings with existing and potential stakeholders during their week-long visit. The leadership of Akshaya Patra Foundation, Hotel Gateway Lakeside and the BVB College of Engineering at Hubli met the CherYsh Board members to discuss avenues of collaboration to enhance the efficiency of CherYshs’s activities on the ground. All stakeholders promised to continue and expand their support to include training the CherYsh Community Kitchen members and supporting their entrepreneurship ventures in making and selling local spices and semi-processed foods; offering internships to rural girls in vocational skills; and engaging student volunteers to help the children in CherYsh Shikshana Vikas Kendras.

The Board also met the children who attend the CherYsh Shikshana Vikas Kendras and community members in the villages of Haliyal. There was a fair exchange of ideas between the Board and community members towards future planning and strategizing. The Board also participated in “ Vikas Kathe ”, a programme attended by around three hundred children and adults from the CherYsh villages. The programme was also attended by major players in Haliyal such as the Tehsildar, District Forest Officer, Bishop of Karwar, and the leadership of Hotel Gateway Lakeside, Hubli. The highlight of the programme was a discussion on the development challenges of Haliyal and possible solutions, between all the major stakeholders.

The Board members visited the CherYsh Institute of Women’s Empowerment in Ponda, Goa, which delivers the Health Care Attendant Course. The course is supported by CherYsh and run by Sanjeevan, a major Trust in South Goa. There are currently two batches; 19 students from the first batch completed year one of the two-year course. The interaction with the students and the Sanjeevan Board gave CherYsh Board a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities ahead.

The visit concluded with the Board Meeting on the 9th and 10th of October 2014 at Goa. The progress made by CherYsh, achievements, challenges and concerns were discussed and analysed in the context of the experiences and feedback from the field. Board members appreciated the progress and energy that CherYsh has achieved on the ground and laid out plans and strategies for the upcoming quarter.