CherYshian values

Everything we do will be guided by CherYsh's overarching meaning – "To treasure and care for". We are committed to uphold and live by, these, our CherYshian values:

Human dignity

We value the innate human dignity and potential of the individuals and communities we feel called and privileged to serve. We believe that every individual is entitled to a dignified existence and that a better future is possible for all.


We value every stakeholder association. We seek ways to serve through healthy collaboration. We believe partnerships and continuous learning will lead us to creative solutions.


We value lasting change. We work towards systemic transformation with the goal to institutionalize good practices through systems, and policies that exist to serve the development needs of the people.

Positive energy

We value a balanced optimism that drives all our efforts. We work as 'finders' who seek progressive thinkers, champions in business, civil society and government.

Volunteer spirit

We value the spirit of volunteering. We believe this spirit is an innate human desire to serve and be of help to those in need.

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