CherYsh Shiksha Marathon 2017

Ensuring children have access to quality learning in village neighborhoods

The CherYsh Shikshas (After-school Learning Centres) target all-round development of children through quality support to their learning needs. The goal of the CherYsh Shikshas is to encourage neighbourhood-learning spaces where children enjoy learning, nurture aspirations, and thereby progress.

The CherYsh Shikshas incorporate vibrant curricular and co-curricular modules. The focus is to improve crucial competencies such as English language skills, Numerical Skills (Maths), and Computer knowledge. This is combined with active spotting of talent (performing arts, sports and music) and participation in activities to promote such talents.

The centres are located in village neighbourhoods: the home of a community member, or a common room. Educated young women from each village are selected to teach at the CherYsh Shikshas.

The Learning Facilitator (Tutor)

  • Maintains the CherYsh Shiksha, and manages the curriculum/schedule for learning.
  • Conducts the baseline tests for the children in the Shiksha, and records improvement.
  • Undertakes regular training to improve her teaching skills, with assigned mentors.
  • Maintains regular contact with the school to enable review of children’s overall performance in school.

The tutors are provided continuous training – via direct content-specific training as per an Active Rural Curriculum with activity enhanced lesson plans. CherYsh Trainers provide regular training and track the Facilitators’ improvement. Regular reports on Learning Facilitator assessment of skills are maintained.

Program Elements (Program and Field Development)

Students: Motivate children to enroll to the Learning Center
Learning Facilitators: Raise cadre of young educated women from the community; Build capability to learn specific content, and teaching methods
Infrastructure: Provide tools for learning, and spaces for learning to be fulfilled with quality books, teaching aids, and monitoring methods
Curriculum: Introduce tested learning material for English and Math, with a view to create an Active Rural Curriculum
Capability Building: Network to provide continuous learning environment for facilitators; create a mentor group
Staff: To administer the project and manage regular tracking of performance of students, and Learning Facilitators.

Social Impact

  • Create access to quality knowledge, skills and tools in neighborhoods
  • Catalyze learning environment in remote villages (English – Math – Computer Skills – Talent)
  • Provide after-school nutritional supplement
  • Raise local resources (Learning Facilitators) from amongst educated women of the community
  • Train women from the community to be professional in knowledge dissemination

Target Geography

16 Villages of Haliyal Taluk, Uttara Kannada district

Target Group

  • 1000 children
  • Children from ages 5-15 years
  • 30 Learning Facilitators
  • 2 Field Staff

Annual Cost (30 Shikshas)
You can contribute to the CherYsh cause (Education for Rural Girls via After-School Learning Centers) either by being a Runner and/or Fundraiser.

Areas where we need support Funds required ( Rs.)
Student Support
(Work Books, Learning material, sports goods, support for extra-curricular talents for more than 1000 children)
4.5 lacs
Learning Facilitators (Tutors), remuneration 7.2 lacs
Learning Facilitators Training Program 3.0 lacs
Systems and Process Building
(Digitizing enrolment, attendance, progress reports)
4.5 Lacs
(Blackboards , seating, lighting, storage)
3.0 Lacs

Sign up as a Runner
Registration opens on 23rd March, 2017. Registration fee for each category will be announced later.
Website for registration:

Run categories Distance
World 10K run (for Indian and International Elite athletes) 10 km
Open 10K run 10 km
Majja Run 5.7 Km
Sr. Citizens run 4 km
Champions with Disability 4 km

Sign up as a Fundraiser
You can choose from the following categories to determine your fundraising efforts which will be hosted on the India Cares platform/website.
Fundraising platform:

This platform also provides opportunity to individuals who do not choose to run, but still would like to raise funds for the causes and organizations, that they care for by signing up as any of the above-mentioned care champions.

Fundraising Categories Commitment
Team 40 3.50 Lakhs
Team 25 2.5 Lakhs
Team 10 1.5 Lakhs
Care Champion Platinum 10 Lakhs
Care Champion Diamond 5 Lakhs
Care Champion Gold 2.50 Lakhs
Care Champion Silver 1 Lakh
Youth Cares- team size 3 50,000
iCare fund raiser Self-set target

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